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 Prince Philip And Queen Elizabeth: A 70-year Love Affair
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From the start of their long marriage, the relationship between Queen Elizabeth 

and the late Prince Philip was a love match. 



The queen and her prince. Their love story played out in front of the world's 

cameras across seven decades, and the world saw a couple who couldn't 

take their eyes off each other. Historians say the bond was real and unwavering

from the start. >> The love affair blossomed almost immediately. >>

Reporter: Philip first caught Elizabeth’s eye in the summer of 1939 during 

a family trip. She was 13. Philip, then the dashing prince of Greece, was about

to enlist in the royal navy. >> Princess Elizabeth saw this 18-year-old 6 foot 

tall incredibly handsome. He was nicknamed the Viking and she fell desperately,

desperately head over heels in love with him at first sight. >>

Reporter: the Second World War kept them apart but their romance flourished.

>> He was fighting on pretty much all the naval fronts.

>> So they spent years really corresponding just by mail?

>> It was a correspondence love affair really. They wrote letters to one another.

>> Reporter: when Philip returned, he asked King George for his daughter's hand

in marriage. with the war over, the wedding was a reason to celebrate. broadcast

on the radio around the world. the royal carriage procession arriving at Westminster

abbey were on the 20th of November, 1947, Elizabeth, the heiress to the British

throne, married Philip who became the duke of Edinburgh. the young couple spent

their first years of marriage in malta where Philip was stationed. the queen, then

a princess, lived the life of a naval officer's wife, starting a family. but just five

years later, her father, King George, suddenly died and Elizabeth would likely

become the new monarch. Philip giving up his career and kneeling before his

wife, just crowned the new queen of Britain. >> this was a very modern marriage.

>> this was something that was revolutionary, frankly. he was a man, a highly 

competitive person. the rest of his life he's got to stand two or three paces

behind the most famous woman in the world. >> reporter: over the decades they

danced together with heads of state, hosted countless garden parties, enjoyed

their shared love of sports. there were rocky patches, but many more smiles and

happy milestones. their devotion to each other clear. >> tolerance is the one 

essential ingredient of any happy marriage. it may not be quite so important when

things are going well, but it is absolutely vital when things get difficult. and you can

take it from me that the queen has the quality of tolerance in abundance.

>> he has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years. 

>>reporter: prince Philip was the longest-serving prince consort in British history.

>> I think anybody, anybody in the world, would love to have the opportunity 

of a love affair that lasts over 70 years. they have managed to create something

truly splendid and mutual and beautiful and passionate. >> reporter: and the focus

now turns toward how to honor prince Philip over the next couple of days, what

his funeral services will look like. now, typically there would be a large procession,

crowds would be gathering along the streets, but of course, because we're in this

era that we are, the government and the palace both don't want this to turn into

a super spreader event frankly. they need this to be covid-safe. 

so it will be a much more low key affair. a lot of this is in flux and we expect to

hear more details over the coming days, but we do know that prince Philip's 

funeral service will be at Windsor, the same place he spent so much time with 

the queen over the past year and where he passed away today. 



1. How long was Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth been married? 

2. How did they meet? How old was the queen? 

3. How old was Prince Philip when he died?

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