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 Rexy and the Volcano
 이** (jean)




Rexy is awakened by a rude centipede, just in time to hear the distant roar 

of a huge erupting volcano. Rexy becomes so fascinated that he starts 

looking for the fiery mountain immediately and leaves his sleeping parents 

in the T-Rex nest. His journey leads him through the land of giant

Brachiosaurs and a magic mushroom forest where he accidentally falls down

a waterfall and makes an utterly impossible skydive through soaring rocky

towers. The flying T-Rex eventually plunges into the sea where he has 

an unlikely encounter with an enormous Plesiosaur. What happens when

Rexy finally reaches the Volcano? Does his Papa save him from the ugly 

Velociraptors lurking at the foot of the mountain? Watch this episode, 

cheer for this reckless but brave little T-Rex and marvel at the exotic

Dinosaurs he meets along his journey!



1. What woke Rexy up? 

2. Retell Rexy's journey. 

3. Where did Rexy go? Who saved him from danger?

2021-04-09 오후 2:39:22
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