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 Little Robin Red Breast
 이** (jean)



It's Little Robin Redbreast vs. Pussy Cat in this Paper Puppet Playhouse 

version of the classic nursery rhyme. 



Paper Puppet Playhouse presents Little Robin Red Breast. Little Robin Red Breast

sat upon a rail, niddle nobble when his head. Widdle waggle went his tail. 

Little Robin Red Breast came to visit me. This is what he whistled. Thank you for

my tea. Little Robin Red Breast sat upon a tree. Up went the pussycat, and down

went he. Down came the pussycat, away Robin ran. Said Little Robin Red Breast,

"Catch me if you can." Little Robin Red Breast jumped upon a spade.

Pussycat jumped after him and then he was afraid. Little Robin chirped and sung

and what did Pussycat say? Pussycat said, "Meow, meow, meow. 

And Robin flew away. Woo! (children laughing) 



1. Who is Little Robin Red Breast? 

2. Who does Little Robin Red Breast visit?

3. How does the story end?

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