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 Bathhouse workers in S. Korea required to take PCR tests starting Monday
 이** (jean)



The daily virus tally in this nation remained above 400. With cluster 

infections traced to bathhouses, authorities are applying special 

quarantine measures at such facilities. 



Anchor: The daily virus tally in this nation remained above 400.

With cluster infections traced to bathhouses, authorities are applying 

special quarantine measures at such facilities. Jang Tae-hyun brings the

updates. Reporter:Starting from Monday, all bathhouse workers nationwide,

including scrubbers, barbers and clerks will be required to get PCR tests. 

This is part of the special measures announced by health authorities on 

Sunday, as bathhouses have become COVID-19 hotspots in recent weeks. 

Visitors to bathhouses should also check their temperatures and do QR code 

scans. Also, only one guest per eight square meters is allowed... 

and monthly passes will not be issued for the time being. 

Customers and workers will not be able to have conversations,... 

and visitors are recommended to limit use to under one hour. Meanwhile, 

as the spring is coming, more people are expected to travel around the 

country. Commissioner: "Another risk factor is more frequent contact between 

people... due to the increase in spring travel, outings and outdoor activities.

" Reporter: The local governments for Incheon City,

Gangwon-do Province and Jeju Island are taking special disinfection 

measures at tourist hot spots.From Thursday, Gangwon-do Province 

will start inspections of tourist facilities,accommodation and rest areas in

the province. Jeju Island will not allow five or more people to gather together 

at tourist spots. Health authorities say that on Friday,...

they will decide whether there will be any changes to the distancing 

measures for next week. South Korea reported 415 new cases of

COVID-19 on Monday remaining above the 400 mark for nearly a week.

Of them, 396 were locally transmitted.19 were from overseas. 

There was one more death, bringing the death toll to 1,697.South Korea's

total number of cases is now just over 99-thousand. More than 676-thousand

people in the country have received their first dose of the vaccine. 

Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News. 



1. What are the bathhouse workers required to take? 

2. What risk factor is expected during the spring? 

3. How are the LGU special measures at tourist spots?

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